Working with multiple branches

26th March 2023

Git provides a way to experiment with different changes or test multiple versions of the code by switching among branches. However, this can become cumbersome and time-consuming. This is where git-worktree comes in handy, allowing developers to have multiple branches checked out at the same time and experiment with their code freely.

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Small bug fix in the Planck Likelihood Code

30th April 2021

When working on the Hubble rate project, I am led to install Montepython to perform Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling with Planck 2018 data. The Planck 2018 data can be downloaded from the Planck Legacy Archive together with the Planck Likelihood Code (plc), which provides C, Fortran and Python libraries allowing to compute the log likelihoods of the temperature, polarisation, and lensing maps. See readme.md of plc-3.01.

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